is the first service to review children’s and young adult fiction against a criteria based on character education guidelines. With over 30,000 children’s books published every year, we endeavor to illuminate those whose characters demonstrate…well, good character! Highlighting any nuances of which parents or teachers¬†may wish to be made aware (such as use of slang, mild profanity, God’s name, or portrayal of dating), our website is designed for families to choose books based upon their own value system, a process which we call “Do-Re-Mi”. Book reviews link to a blog with commentary on the book, allowing children and parents to discuss it or ask questions about it. Some book reviews also link to a list of parent and teacher activities which can be very useful for tying the book into a homeschool or classroom curriculum, and information of use to teachers, librarians and parents is included as well. Visit our resources pages which includes links to thousands of books available for free!

The website is designed to be safe for children to visit, and many have used our bookstore to build their reading list. The site is solely supported by book sales and does not contain uncontrolled advertising or any links which might steer children into unknown Internet territory.

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