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BOOK OF THE DAY-2012 full list

The full 2012 book list is here! 74 pages of ideas for all seasons, holydays, memorials, vacations, book clubs, school, and reading fun! Start the new year with new adventures in reading!’s mascot Awesome Blossom passed away August 13, 2012.

Christmas & Hanukah December Book List

Our final book list of the year has a little of everything: Holiday feasts cookbook, Hanukah & Christmas children’s books, Advent meditations for adults, Our Lady of Guadalupe, books in English and Spanish, and lots of historical fiction!


Our November book list is focused on “things eternal”. From All Saints Day, to All Souls Day, to Veterans day, Thanksgiving holiday, and Advent preparation, the list takes a more meditative theme. However, plenty of fun reading for kids of all ages is included too!

BOOK OF THE DAY-10-October

October is the month of All Hallows Eve, Halloween.’s list of books takes the horrible out of horror!


Ahh, no matter where you are in the country, kids are back to school either in traditional or home classrooms. Our list this month includes books to help children emotionally adjust as well as reading list literature.

 12 days of sci-fi: day 2.

Here we go again! Now from that somber but hopeful story from the past by Andrew Seddon, we move to a more fast-paced view of the future given by Karina Fabian:

 Antivenin by Karina Fabian                      LOYALTY , COURAGE

 Editor’s comment: “While Ann and “Tommie” were born and raised in space, Rita left Earth and joined the Order of Our Lady of the Rescue while in her 30s, and is unsure what she’s doing there.” 

 Nuns in space? Who would have thought it? Karina Fabian, of course; the same type of creative mind that fueled man-on-the-moon stories a century or more past. A religious order whose habit is t-shirt and loose pants…my kind of community! Sr. Rita is realistic with faults and proverbial warts to which we can all relate. Snake-phobic and feeling totally awkward, she doesn’t allow this to overcome her sense of commitment to others. Loyalty to her order breeds courage, and from courage comes healing of self-esteem and doubt. A great story of teamwork and adventure. Don’t miss out on it, grab a copy of Infinite Space, Infinite God II

 (About the author: Karina Fabian writes a wide variety of fiction involving characters with faith.  Her first anthology, Infinite Space, Infinite God I, won the EPPIE award for best sci-fi. Her humorous fantasy involving a dragon and nun detective team, Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, won the 2010 INDIE for best fantasy. She’s also written a small devotional with her father, Deacon Steve Lumbert, Why God Matters. Visit her website at )