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BOOK OF THE DAY-2012 full list

The full 2012 book list is here! 74 pages of ideas for all seasons, holydays, memorials, vacations, book clubs, school, and reading fun! Start the new year with new adventures in reading!’s mascot Awesome Blossom passed away August 13, 2012.

Christmas & Hanukah December Book List

Our final book list of the year has a little of everything: Holiday feasts cookbook, Hanukah & Christmas children’s books, Advent meditations for adults, Our Lady of Guadalupe, books in English and Spanish, and lots of historical fiction!


Our November book list is focused on “things eternal”. From All Saints Day, to All Souls Day, to Veterans day, Thanksgiving holiday, and Advent preparation, the list takes a more meditative theme. However, plenty of fun reading for kids of all ages is included too!

BOOK OF THE DAY-10-October

October is the month of All Hallows Eve, Halloween.’s list of books takes the horrible out of horror!


Ahh, no matter where you are in the country, kids are back to school either in traditional or home classrooms. Our list this month includes books to help children emotionally adjust as well as reading list literature.


Homeschoolers and classroom teachers are preparing to return to teaching. Our August book list has classics and teaching guides for all ages.


Hot summer fun, lazy reading days, Independence day and more are covered in the July booklist recommendations.

 12 days of sci-fi, day 1:

On this Easter Sunday, celebrating the resurrection and embracing the Hope it brings, it is perhaps ironic that the first story to introduce is one of compassion in a time of Christian persecution.

 Carefully selected, inclusion in this anthology required the that “Faith had to be shown as a positive force, and science as a process rather than a threat.” In a genre normally riddled with dark, hopeless societies of dystopia, we are dished up rays of hope. I’ll try to identify the common virtues I see in each story as I move along. So let’s begin our 12 days of sci-fi with: The Ghosts of Kourion by Andrew Seddon, collected in Infinite Space, Infinite God II:

 Ghosts of Kourion by Andrew Seddon:       COMPASSION, CONSCIENTIOUSNESS

 Editor’s comment: “In the end, he realizes that sometimes, it’s not a sweeping change, or even a major action, that we are called to do. Sometimes the smallest actions made in compassion can light the darkness.”

 I love the self-consistency principle: “events in the chronological past are still in your personal future”. Robert, a/k/a Cassius in his 365 A.D. alias, is  a “temporal historico-archeologist”. He experiences history first hand for the purpose of archaeological study. His wife and daughter died tragically but remain ever in the forefront of his mind. Told he cannot change the future of the past, his desire to help those around him is strong.  Perhaps beginning as a passion to somehow change the tragic events of his present life, passion is transformed into compassion founded in his respect for others at all stages of existence.

 Ultimately, the difference a person makes in this world isn’t history-making, it is people-making…making a difference in a moment of time for one person, from one moment to the next. We aren’t here to cause or prevent anything but, rather, to simply be in the moment. Pick up a copy of Infinite Space, Infinite God II yourself at

 (About the author: Andrew Seddon is a native of England, Andrew writes both fiction and non-fiction. He has three novels: Red Planet Rising (Crossway Books, 1995),Imperial Legions (Broadman & Holman, 2000), and Iron Scepter (Xlibris, 2001). He has contributed a chapter to Staying Fit After Forty by Don Otis (Harold Shaw, 2001), short stories to the anthologies Sky Songs and Sky Songs II (Skysong Press, 2002 & 2005), and is co-author of the devotional Walking with the Celtic Saints (Crossroad, 2004). His short fiction appearances include Physician Magazine, Hereditas, St. Linus Review, Dreams and Visions, Lost Worlds, Galactic Citizen, Burning Light, Dusk & Dawn, Time Pilot, Show & Tell, Mediphors, and Writers’ International Forum. His non-fiction articles have appeared in numerous medical and non-medical publications. Andrew, a family practice physician in Montana, and his wife Olivia enjoy travel, classical music, marathon running, and hiking with their black German Shepherd, Finzi. )