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 Resources & Links

Consider 2 billion users of the Internet worldwide, and an estimated 2 million blogs alone, then add the number of websites available, and the idea of finding reputable, usable or just plain interesting sites is like finding a needle in a haystack. So we hope the few we illuminate here for you will help in some small way. Check back as we update this list regularly. 

Rubbing shoulders: companies with whom we are affiliated or simply like.  

Character education curriculum:   Successful in Latin America, the Alive to the World curriculum is available in English. This highly respected program is produced by Alliance for the Family, whose chairwoman Christina Vollmer is a  member of the Pontifical Council for the Family. From 1st grade through 12th, the curriculum eases the child into understanding their own value as a human being as well as the world around them appropriate to each age level. You can see the topics covered mirror qualities of good character embodied in our review criteria.

The publisher matters! Even well known titles or famous writers can have content altered in newer editions. The integrity of the publisher does matter. Publishers we recommend include TAN Books/Saint Benedict Press, Catholic Courses, Ignatius Press, Sophia Press Institute, and Ascension Press.

 Looking to start or move your own website? Consider . All host companies prohibit child pornography because it is illegal. Some will prohibit adult content as well, although most are not willing to give up that revenue stream for the betterment of society. goes further, and prohibits use of images of children without parent authorization as well as profanity in the domain name and on the site. We thought this demonstrated good citizenship and seemed an appropriate webhosting service for

 Do you have a college student, or teen taking college prep courses, looking to save money on textbooks? Rent them from This service works great and saves loads of $$. Additionally, they kick back some of their earnings as an investment into environmental causes. Finally, they too do not approve affiliates whose websites are “pornographic, defamatory, racist, overtly sexual, deemed to be offensive”...also demonstrates good citizenship and an appropriate connection for our friends.

Looking for Christian books and gifts? Then visit...

... The Catholic Company, a trusted site for books and gifts. 

... Celtic Hills, importing gifts from Ireland   

... Grace Designs providing gifts and books of interests to friends of other
Christian faith beliefs.

 ... Providence Jewelers

Providence Jewelers Christian and Inspirational Jewelry

...and for rosaries and accessories is your premier destination for rosaries, cases, rosary prayer books, and rosary gifts.

Movies add fun! Renting movies can be more than entertainment! It is a great way to have fun when studying certain themes, historical periods, or genres of literature. We prefer...

...Faith and Family Flix, a completely family-friendly rental service with both classic and Christian films.

...of course, Netflix!  Many families go without television or cable and rent from Netflix instead, which permits control over the type of movies watched as well as creates opportunities for parents to pass down onto their children their family favorites.

Can coffee be good for you? It is when you order through Mystic Monks coffee! Yes one of the brothers was a premier coffee roaster before joining the monastery, and their coffee is excellent! Plus you are automatically added to their prayer list. So have a cuppa with a book or movie! Mystic Monks Coffee



  • Similarly, if your student is studying Greek language or classic literature, The Perseus project of Tufts university has numerous Greco-Roman texts and resources online for free: 
  • Sunday School Books from the Library of Congress: These are full text books that were the key to religious education for the youth in the 1800’s America. Searchable by author, subject and title, they are fascinating to read. The archive spans all ages, from books about being good girls and good boys, to books on the conduct for young men. Moral tales and publications on issues of the day are included. Scanned images of the original book are one click away from the typed text, so you and your children or students can read directly from the antique text online if you please!


Other books:

  • One our favorite sites is The International Children’s library which has full books available to read for free online for children ages 3-13 in multiple languages including English. Books also have audio. Children taking a language course might enjoy trying to read younger books in that language for practice. Parents can replicate classroom reading by having the student listen to the audio and then read the same passage out loud.  Many classics are available here!


 Authors Authors Authors!

The BBC has archived videos of interviews with well-known authors. Take a look and see if your favorite is included!

Book societies:

Barter! Got too many books? Have an affinity towards bartering? Try trading them through sites like BookMooch  and Title Trader    

The Children’s Choices project are books reviewed and selected by 12,500 kids across the country. While we have not read, and so do not endorse, every title, it is a neat project and an interesting selection of books:  The call for submissions gives information on how your child can become a reviewer too!

Never separated: offers a neat online service. With an internet connection and a webcam, you and another person can read one of their books together via video! Great for parents who travel on business, divorced parents, military spouses separated from their family, and out of town grandparents. Geared towards age 8 and younger picture books. Readeo provides a free book each month too. 

Scholastickids channel on youtube has authors reading from their books, book trailers and other interesting videos Parents should supervise use in accordance with their family Do-Re-Mi’s. Use of videos can provide interest to reluctant readers, be a reward for completing reading goals, and can be incorporated into the reading assignments to compare/contrast, developing critical thinking skills.

Information, Fun Facts, and Learning Helpers

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.” (Benjamin Disraeli)

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a listing of sites you might find interesting, helpful to your studies, or to share with your family/students:

Anthology:  The Norton’s Anthology of Children’s Literature is a wealth of help for teachers and students alike.  A historical timeline pinpoints certain literary facts too. It has an archive of free images that are public domain (meaning no copyright infringement).  The resource list of web links is not only comprehensive, but well organized . Click on fairy tales, for example, and see the numerous web resources that can be used in conjunction with your reading assignments.

The British Library has many resources online

Children’s Choices activities: part of the Children’s Choices book review program of the International Reading Association, this site houses activities by reading grade group.

CIA World Factbook, one of the most widely used sites for country information in schools and business alike:

College-bound? COURSERA offers free college courses by Ivy League Schools, sponsored by Stanford & UPenn: Great for high school level college prep, gifted education, and adults wanting to continue their education.

C-Span has free videos of interviews held on its cable channel. These are useful for older students studying social studies, politics/government, civic, etc. However, they also have videos for their shows Booknotes and BookTV which may provide information for your literature studies too.  Click on video library.

Foreign language blues? While I do not endorse this site's information on colleges (if you need help selecting colleges, please email me), I have to admit their list of 100 free foreign language sites is awesome!

Geography IQ

Government studies: Free resources on our Constitution and Heritage at and

Handouts/Recipes:  Free handouts, recipes and more for classroom from ABDO publishing 

Internet blues? Are your searches so unwieldy you think the computer will explode? Let Quickhitsonline help! Designed to provide links to sites in the most common classroom subjects from valid organizations.

LOC: The library of congress has a great list of webportals for families and kids:  and teachers: . They also have a virtual reference desk at

Mensa: Parent teacher resources with lesson plans at Mensa for kids

Many people are already aware that MIT's courseware is available free to the public. However, more recently they have enlarged with a section entitled Scholar, with courses that are complete in multi-media; a ready-to-go curriculum!

The Museum of Online Museums provides a collection of museums around the world that include digitized materials available for free use online. Art, rare books, music, its there. 

Music: From the Oyster Bay-East Norwich school district, we find the music quest website, which is set up as a substitute assignment for an orchestra student.  It links to good sources on music history.

Mythology: Many books have characters based on classic mythology. Find information at the Encyclopedia Mythica

Myths: This site is too awesome! Myths and legends of the East of England, this site has folklore and myths told (audio), a create-your-own-book page, teachers activities, and loads of information! Use this to spice up a history lesson, excite your child about reading, or as the seed to fun writing assignments.

Science: Interested in forensic science? The National Science Foundation is teamed up with the television show CSI to produce a fun, educational website full of science adventures 

Tech help: The website Free Technology for teachers has helpful links such as the Google Guide for teachers

Thinkquest: Sponsored by the Oracle Foundation, provides a family-friendly library at

United Nations Encyclopedia of the Nations

The Victorian London Dictionary is a fascinating site of everything of London during the Victorian time period! This includes a fiction blog in which a continuing saga of his Victorian life is journaled, a free e-book mystery novel, penny dreadful short stories, Punch cartoons and a searchable database! Fun to read through the thousands of pages and links, it could also prove very useful for teaching and student research too.

Vimeo now has free lessons for videography online  . Learn all aspects of using the camera to the artsy "stuff" like perspective. Pick up an inexpensive videocam and your kids will learn to use it in no time. What a great way to enhance your home or classroom curriculum by allowing students to interpret their literature and social sciences through video!















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